How’s Anime: Summer 2018 Week 1

Summertime is here! After a break in the north woods last week, it’s time to dive into the new season, and finish up my last two stragglers from vacation week. I’m starting pretty slow here, waiting to savor some of my top picks over the weekend, but even some of the lower potential shows had something solid about them. Off we go.
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How’s Anime: Spring 2018 Week 12

We are truly winding down this season, and I only have three series left from the approximately one billion series I tried the first episode of. These final contenders span the spectrum from dark horse anime that continually dazzles me, average anime that manages to shine through in enough key areas to set itself apart from the pack, and an anime of crushed dreams and sadness. I’ll leave it to you to guess which is which.

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Summer 2018: Preview

Image result for anime summerSheesh, Spring is almost over, and I hadn’t even looked at next season’s slate. Quick, let’s sneak this guy in here before the dam bursts in July. I don’t think I’ll be attempting last season’s overindulgence of first episodes this time around, but I still have a pretty big list of interesting stuff coming up with a lot of variety.
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How’s Anime: Spring 2018 Week 11

The horse girls finally crossed their last finish line this week, but they were completely overshadowed by Megalo Box and Hinamatsuri bringing their game with their greatest strengths. Those being their respective best dudes of the season. If you asked me 11 weeks ago if my favorite characters of spring would be middle aged thugs when cute pony ladies were on the table, I’d have called you a dirty liar.

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Quick Thoughts On: Umamusume Pretty Derby

Umamusume was a show that had a lot of trouble deciding what it wanted to be, both in the end and in the way that the idol and racing aspects were forced into the competition. While the performances at the end of the races remained slightly distracting throughout just by existing, it was a smart decision to leave the majority of the idol aspects behind early on in the show in favor of the races. Because of this choice, the running really feels triumphant, and the athleticism of the girls is given the focus rather than their cuteness. It isn’t perfect, but it does the best it can with what it had to force in. This attitude was not carried over into the series conclusion. 

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How’s Anime: Spring 2018 Week 10

As last week’s end picture may have informed you, I have ducklings now. Ducks are cuter, less smelly and nicer than chickens. Plus their eggs are delicious. We have rouens (think giant mallards) and pekins (traditional white farm duck). Why am I talking about ducks in an anime post? Well one of them is named Ahiru after anime’s best duck. Brilliant justification!

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How’s Anime: Spring 2018 Week 9

We are getting into that home stretch once again, so the anime is gearing up for the final confrontations. Final cast members are added, major victories are achieved and the giant robots took a rest. That’s right, no FRANXX this week, but the action quotient was filled by our regular star. Let’s get right into it.

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